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Now open the first Saturday of each month

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Suttons corner
Frontier Country Store
  115 Washington street     
  Fort Gaines, GA 


History of

Suttons Corner Frontier Country Store

The Sutton family operated a country store on the edge of the Sutton Plantation for three generations from 1844 until 1927. Then when Warren Sutton was killed in a tragic traffic accident the store was closed and forgotten. This ancient frontier store complex was undisturbed until it was rediscovered in 1997 and moved to the site of the old  "Globe Tavern and Inn" stagecoach stop in historic Fort Gaines, Georgia.  Many of the artifacts are the only survivors of there kind in the U.S. today. Suttons Corner Store Museum is an unprecedented time capsule.

The restoration process required over a decade of maximum effort and investment.  A tour of the museum is an unique historical experience with it’s petticoat counters, wooden cash registers, antique post office, grist mill, bear traps, blacksmith shop, over 4,000 artifacts and hundreds of pages of documents pursuant to early frontier life. The museum is run and operated by the Fort Gaines Historical Society.

a few of our exhibits
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Art Display


Powder horn and pictures


Apothecary cabinet


Logging cart wheel


Pine tree tools


Museum collection

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